Countdown to Christmas ✨ English


„Countdown to Christmas – Move with Laura“ is a challenge that will help you to stay fit and active during the winter!

It is cold outside and you are comfy at home with some hot chocolate and cookies. That might be nice, but it is not healthy. That’s why we get motivated to move our bodies with a „Countdown to Christmas“ (and of course to deserve our Christmas dinner).

The goal is to move our bodies from 1st December until Christmas (including 26th December) every day in any way. This could be a workout at home, a training session at the gym, some jogging or a lot more. You can be creative as long as you move your body and get sweaty!
Every sunday you will find a special ball exercise on my social media. It would be nice if you try it as well!

If you have finished the „Countdown to Christmas“ I will raffle 3 Laura Rolli Surprise Packages for all participants. Your participation is free – you just have to register for the challenge. Register now!
A daily motivation mail to keep you going is included.

To control yourself you can use my „Countdown to Christmas – Move with Laura“ calendar. You can print it at home, edit it on your computer or post it on social media. All you need to do is to check off the date when you have moved your body.
You are welcome to tag me on social media (@laura_rolli) or send me a mail with your successes – then we can celebrate together!

You don’t have any idea, how you can move your body? No problem!
My favorite home workouts will help you! Just download the List with YouTube-Links. No excuses!

The only thing that is missing now is your registration! Register and we will move our bodies from December 1st. Of course I will check off my calendar everyday after I did my workouts, too. So remember:
You are not alone – I will sweat with you 💪
P.S. Listen to your body! (A short 10min stretch is also good for your body and it fits in every day.) – Don’t overstrain yourself, it is not good. And be honest to yourself by checking off the calendar.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.